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Temporary Foreign Worker Program

An immigration to Canada option that allows foreign individuals to work in Canada temporarily and in positions that have not been filled by Canadian and are currently having labour shortages is the Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) program/stream. This program which initially was open only to live-in caregivers and agricultural workers has been expanded to include a variety of low skilled, semi-skilled and high-skilled positions.

To be eligible for this stream, the applicant must generally:

  • Have a job offer from a Canadian employer. This offer usually must be Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) approved after the employer has applied for it.

  • Be admissible to Canada , that is not have committed any criminal offense and or having serious medical issues. Also, the individual must also not have any financial difficulty.

  • ​To be allowed to work in Canada, an individual must apply for a work permit from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  Because the work permit that will be issued is under the temporary foreign worker program, the permit is only valid for a specific period (usually is a maximum of 1 year) and tied to a specific employer. The temporary foreign worker is only legally bound to the employer on the work permit, thus cannot switch employers. For TFW’s, the work permit applications are made when you have a job offer from a Canadian employer in addition to the LMIA that the employer had obtained in your behalf. For employers in Quebec, an additional document from the Quebec government is required before the application of work permit.

  • Talk to us at BOSSS so we can assess your eligibility for TFW program.

Open Work Permit

Unlike the Temporary Foreign Work permit, the “open” work permit does not require a job offer and so is not tied/attached to any specific employer.  Also, the LMIA requirement is exempted.

Beneficiary of “Open” Work Permits

The open work permits are mostly for spouses of foreign students, graduates of Canadian academic programs and the working holiday class. More details of these classes are discussed below.

Open Work Permits for Spouses or Common-law Partners of Foreign or International Students

The spouse or common-law partner of an international student currently studying (enrolled full-time) or that of a foreign worker is entitled to an open work permit and this allows the spouse to work for any employer that he or she chooses. In fact, the spouse or common-law partner qualifies for open work permit based on the study or work permit of the principal applicant. The period of the open work permit is same as the period of the study permit of the spouse admitted or of the temporary foreign work permit.

Post Graduate work Permit

International students who become graduates of Canadian institutions and from programs of at least eight months in duration can transition from being Canada study permit holders to open work permit holders.

The open work permit is issued for the same period or validity of their previous study permit. That is for graduates from  program of studies that are between eight months and two years in duration are issued  work permits of the validity of the length of studies. For those who have studied in Canada for more than two years are entitled to receive Canada open work permit.

Working Holiday Visa 

The working holiday program (WHV) is for individuals (visiting youths) from certain countries that are looking for Canadian work experience. These specific countries have an agreement with Canada for this program.  The age range for such individuals is between 18 and 35 and these ones should be interested in spending one year in Canada.  

Contact BOSSS  at for more information about WHV

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