Initial Consultant And Retainer Agreement

As BOSSS provides services from anyone around the world, payments can be accepted from anyone whether from inside or outside Canada through either PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Interac Email, Wire Transfer or back-to-bank transfer.

You can call us to book an appointment for consultation or complete our Contact Us form below. Clients who cannot walk in (because of convenience or living outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) can also book an appointment for one-on-one remote consultation via phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber.

We at BOSSS recognise the importance of quality and reliable representation for immigration matters. As such, an in-depth consultation will be provided to you and we will carefully review your case in order to provide the best options that are available to you. The initial consultation allows clients that opportunity to become familiar with the services we provide so as to meet their needs.

Concerning billing, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council strongly prohibits/forbids contingency billing. Contingency billing is paying partially or no payment until after the successful outcome of an application. When we are retained by you (Retainer Agreement - RA), flat fee is usually charged for applications. Hourly rates may also be applied depending on the specific service and work required on a file. Be assured that our prices are nominal and genuine with quality services provided to all clients.

Regarding Permanent Residency applications, we require that you and BOSSS agree in writing (RA) on what services we are providing and expectations from you in providing us with all information and supporting documents to help us advice, assist and prepare your application. When retained by you, we expect to be paid in order to commence work on your case. Because some permanent immigration streams are of different stages, BOSSS set milestones as to services we render and we require payment for professional fees accordingly.

With respect to temporary residence applications (such as: study permits, study permits refusal, visitors’ visas) and all other immigration matters, full amount of our professional fees as a retainer is required. Fee for services to be rendered by our firm can be discussed and agreed by both the client and us in writing (RA) before our services are provided. Monies/funds not spent are returned to clients at the end of the process.

Initial Consultation & Application Review 

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